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Mother’s Day Special

By Zanobia Ilyas on May 14, 2017 in Blogs

The Internet becomes a cornucopia of love, gratitude and amazing discount deals on Mother’s Day. All the blogs, letters, articles, news items, true stories and gift ideas are truly motivating, attention grabbing and heart touching. But an exceptionally good idea is to spend this day away from the internet and be with our mothers.

Talk to them, about them.

Which is exactly what I did. I enjoy talking to my mother. We never run out of topics for discussion. Her knowledge is vast. Her taste in literature, food, music, movies, books and personalities is incredibly versatile. When I asked who are some of her favorite mothers from the past and present era, she gave me a few names of some real and fictional moms she likes most:

Fatima al-Fihri – This lady did something that was so out of the box that her legacy still continues even after 1100 years. Also known as Umm e Banine (Mother of the Boys) Fatima used her wealth to establish the University of Al-Qarawiyyin in Fez, Morocco in the year 859 AD. It is the world’s first and oldest degree granting university which is still operational. Some of the scholars and students belonging to Al-Qarawiyyin are Ibn e Khaldun, Ibn e Maymoun and Pope Sylvester II.

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Marie Curie – The first mother to win the Nobel Prize, twice, in the history of Science. Marie’s life and contributions to the world of Science are a radiant example to the world. She was a full-time working scientist and mother who raised two daughters, continued her scientific research and discovered two radioactive elements, Polonium and Radium!

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Gloria – The character of Gloria Swenson from the 1980 movie Gloria was played by Gena Rowlands . In the film, Gloria reluctantly agrees to be the caretaker of her neighbour’s six year old son Phil. Phil’s family is killed by the gangsters and it is up to Gloria, an ex-girlfriend of a gangster, to protect the orphaned boy. She is tough, rude, streetwise and anything but a soft hearted mother. But throughout the movie, she takes incredible risks, fights the gangsters to protect Phil and ultimately they develop a special fondness for each other.

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Benji – This is a non-human character, a cute little pooch called Benji in the 1987 Disney film “Benji the Hunted”. The small size dog Benji survives a boating accident and finds himself in the wilderness where he temporarily adopts four little cougar cubs after their mother is killed by a hunter. Benji is one intelligent dog who not only gives motherly love and affection to those cubs, he risks his own life and also refuses to be rescued until he finds a new mother for the cubs.  Because of Benji’s loving nature, the cougar cubs start treating the “boy” dog as their “Mommy”.

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