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A Post about POST (Production)

By Zanobia Ilyas on May 6, 2017 in In house activities, Blogs

Earlier this month when our post about our initiative to help the young talent by offering post-production services was published here (http://yellowbeanpost.com/index.php/2017/04/01/yellowbean-posts-initiative-for-new-talent/), our team received an overwhelming response from a variety of artists, filmmakers and singers.

Some of them told us their video project was halfway through completion and they needed help with the post-production. But there were some emails that compelled us to dedicate this post to the art and craft as well as the significance of Post-Production to those of you who want to have a clearer understanding of what we, the Yellowbean Post workforce, really do.

Instead of delving into the realm of the first two stages of video production, let us move on to the third stage.

“The end”​ is the beginning –

“Pack up!” This announcement is music for the ears of a filmmaking crew. The long and painstaking process of whatever they were shooting (a film, a documentary, a video song or a TV commercial etc.) is done and now it is time to wrap it all up: the set, the equipment, the props and their own tired, sleep deprived selves and go home.

There have been hours and hours recorded of scenes, retakes and it consists of miles and miles of long footage, which is carefully stored in the hard drives.

So, is the job really done? Is the video production final and ready for public viewing?

Far from it.

In fact, this is when the real filmmaking starts taking place. It would not be unfair to say that the actual process of making a film happens in the post-production stage. And it happens not in a picturesque outdoor location, but in a quiet, dimly lit room where the air conditioning is set on very low (not for people, but the equipment). The professionals working in this stage must possess patience, extreme expertise of their craft and a little bit of sense of humour because often times, post-production takes longer than pre-production and shooting a video project.

Editing – It includes rough cut, final cut, online and offline editing. An editor chooses the best scenes, cuts, shots from the raw footage and assembles them in a sequence that makes complete sense to the viewer. Editors work very closely with the director and they have a very good understanding of the art of storytelling.

Colour Correction & Colour Grading – These are two different things but are equally crucial to give a better video quality. Colour correction is balancing out the colours in every shot, so it would look realistic, as if viewed by the human eye. Whereas colour grading is used for either enhancing or creating a video tone. It is also applied to accentuate or soften the effects in a video image.

VFX / Animation – A team of vfx artists and animators also do their magic as and when necessary or required in the video. 2D, 3D or anything that works effectually!

Sound – This is one factor of post-production that must NEVER be taken for granted. Without proper sound, appropriate music and other additional audio effects a video project can fail miserably. No film, documentary, video song, tv commercial, cartoon or animation can successfully capture the attention and praise of the audience with poor sound quality.

Final Packaging – Inserting subtitles, end credits, transferring​ the file on DVD or USB for test screening are needed to be done before a final video production​ is ready for the world to see!



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    Very well written. :)

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    Excellent written .

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