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Yellowbean Post’s Initiative for New Talent

By Zanobia Ilyas on April 1, 2017 in Production stories, In house activities, Blogs

Welcome. Especially if one of you readers is a singer, an artist or a performer and…

If you are trying to create something, but have been facing difficulty due to the absence of essential guidance and resources then worry no more. Here’s the happy news:

Yellowbean Post is providing a platform for the budding creatives especially the singers and the performers who are searching for support in Post Production (something that we are exceptionally good at).

And we the folks at Yellowbean Post already have a happy story to share with you!

Introducing Imran Amin.

Imran is a singer, lyricist and a composer – a multi-talented young man who is releasing his single “Mahi Mahi” nationwide on April 8.

But it took him a few years to make it happen.

Video production is an expensive endeavor costing both money and time.

So, after tackling the cumbersome tasks of writing, composing and recording the song and shooting the video, Imran visited us, the team at Yellowbean Post.

We listened to his music, saw the footage shot for its video and decided to extend our support and guidance for the most important part of the process: The Post Production stage.

We enjoyed working with Imran. And this is what he has to say about his experience with Yellowbean Post:

“Only after 2 – 3 meetings before and during the edit, my director and I had finalized the video, we felt satisfied.

(It was) simply because their work is incredible. If you see Yellowbean ’s TVCs, Ads or music videos, you will be amazed.
The people behind Yellowbean Post are so professional, creative and awesome with all the upgraded techniques. Maviya Nasir, the video editor, also gave me many ideas on how to make it (the music video) more beautiful. I think Yellowbean Post is one of the finest post/edit houses in Pakistan.”

Here’s a clip of the upcoming single “Mahi Mahi”

Feeling inspired? Write to us. Talk to us. Question us.

Yellowbean Post has a platform for you especially if your work has reached the Post Production stage!

Get discovered. Inspire and motivate others.

“An enterprise that is constantly exploring new horizons is likely to have a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent”. – Gary Hamel

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  1. ahmed nawaz April 3, 2017 Reply

    Good step taken for all those new talented people who have no way to access easily in this way .

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