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By Tehreem Javed on February 17, 2017 in Blogs

Le Voila! PSL has just started and it has already been in every Pakistani’s mind whether they are cricket lovers or not.

After so many years, this initiative of finals being played in the home ground, has the very emotional and excitement element associated with it.

Our very own league, where each heart is excited for every Sixer or a wicket, we at Yellowbean feel more proud and honoured to be a part of PSL in a way that we have given our passion and hard work to the TVCs associated with it. It was the last year, when we started with animating the logo of Peshawar Zalmi and got over with it.

And then, there was this #LahoreQalandars TVC, we had this opportunity of chopping the timeline and bring it to the final watch of the TVC. A duo of Director-Editor turned out a brilliant outcome.

Watch the video here:

Addition to this, the ad became the most watched video on Facebook.



Again this year, prior to league 2017 we again got the chance of working on a very special, close to our hearts, an official TVC of #HBLPSL.

Being the passionate cricket lovers, our every member gave their best efforts to give an extraordinary feel to the TVC.

Watch the video here:

It was not ended here, Islamabad united was our second opportunity for giving our hearts out for the PSL. It’s concept and perspective of the game was the whole new experience in itself.


We loved how all the TVCs are different and yet they are being done for the Pakistan super league. The energy, the passion, the entire vibe behind these TVCs will surely trigger the cricket lovers to support their team.

Hence, every Pakistani believes, whoever wins, the victory will be of Pakistan.

Concluding, we hope there will be hundreds of edition of PSL and we remain associated to it.

Do have a look at behind the scenes of HBL PSL 2017 TVC, how different pieces of a puzzle are compiled to give a complete picture.

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